Obtain the Most Sought-After Quality on Earth: 


(Emotional Sobriety)

From relationship failure to chaos at work, many of us do not know how to change our behavior and live our lives in a balanced and empowered way.

We try to stop or limit our behaviors or the behaviors of others, but we are still flooded with emotions, which cause us to continue having the same frustrating experiences. We feel the acidity of anger, suffocation of shame, heaviness of sadness, disturbance of embarrassment, pangs of fear, and more. The effects of these emotions create overwhelm and confusion, leading us to react rather than us leading ourselves and maintaining a levelheaded, poised, and open-hearted experience.

Do you find yourself…

  • Fighting in relationships

  • Unable to stand up for yourself and others calmly and effectively

  • Lonely and self-deprecating

  • Experiencing uncontrollable addiction/compulsions

  • In unhealthy romantic relationships

  • Miserable in any area of your life?


  • You’re ready to upgrade your life, and are ready to start with the basics that you may not have learned before.

  • You’re a leader, part of a team, are in a family and/or relationship, or even if you are primarily solo in life.

  • You have children in your life who need an amazing example of what it means to be a compassionate, kind, balanced human being.

A clear curriculum with interactive weekly quizzes to guide you step-by-step through the Foundations of Emotional Sobriety on your own time, at your own pace in just 4 weeks!

of over __ hours of content shared in bite-sized pieces week-by-week. 

Interactive exercises with downloadable handouts to ________


Throughout your training you are connected with all others who have dedicated their life to becoming Emotionally Sober. You’ll be invited to a private Facebook page, live events, and more.


This curriculum has been designed as a result of Dr. Andrea Vitz’s own emotional insobriety, and witnessing the way it hurt her and others. Her climb out of this deficit, her coaching of others out of theirs for nearly 10 years, and now training hundreds of students toward their own EMSO, has made her a master teacher of this proprietary training program, which is now available for everyone.

This training was also inspired due to witnessing so many people around her who were seemingly “sober” still struggling in abusive and unhealthy relationships, unable to use their voice, and sometimes even still dying from their addiction, due to not having been given the opportunity to get truly emotionally sober.


Dr. Andrea Vitz is founder and CEO of LevelheadedDoc, LLC an educational platform committed to a global Emotional Sobriety movement. She leads others to their own healing by attacking the cause of suffering, opening the door for reinvention and being an example of the power to welcome drastic correction and control of their life. Along with being an Emotional Sobriety Educator, she is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Life & Relationship Coach and Strength & Rehabilitation Expert.


Is this a sobriety program?

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Should I do this instead of therapy?

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How long is the course?

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How long do I have access to the course materials?

Give yourself 6-12 months to fully immerse yourself in EMSO Training. You will have access to the FOUNDATIONS materials that entire time.