Hormonal Changes and Emotional Overwhelm

Q: How do we achieve more emotional stability under the influence of hormonal changes?

Today I intend to have a levelheaded talk with you while doing my best to answer this question: how do we achieve more emotional stability while under the influence of hormonal changes!??
Hello! I’m dr Andrea Vitz and although I’m not a doctor of medicine I do have much experience in the world of hormonal observation and conversation and have witnessed unexpected transformations via emotional sobriety training.
This particular question was written by a woman and although she doesn’t describe exactly what hormonal changes she’s going through the majority of people who have a complaint  like this are going through menopausal changes, but there are so many variations of hormonal influx or deficiencies like decreased testosterone, Increased estrogen or increased testosterone. All of which can create a whole slew emotional imbalances and instability and mood changes. so how do we overcome these hormones especially when it feels like it’s happening to us and we have no control of it? Well the good news is that in my experience as an educator and emotional sobriety I’ve witnessed those who had hormonal imbalance have an extraordinary balancing affect occur after completing their emotional sobriety Training. To gain out self control the first place we always start is with awareness. Awareness of our emotions and behaviors. This is just a beginners starting point. And we always follow it up with training towards self control and a great indicator that we need emotional training is when we have any area of our lives where we lack self control. When are overcome by emotions while under the influence of our home emotions or in this case hormones. The reason Emotional Sobriety works wonders in create self-control is that it removes from us what creates emotional belligerence. It removes our underlying secrets or lies our anger shame and resentment and gives many chances for achievement. These accomplishments develop our self-esteem in areas we were weakest. So when hormones become altered due to natural variation or external consumption, it often exposes our weakest link in our emotional stamina. EST this takes the deficit which creates your emotional overwhelm and Creates an environment where your emotions are no longer capable of getting the best of you … even while under the influence of your hormonal changes. Because now nothing outside of you or inside of you can influence you you were standing on solid ground all the time and if this is true then you are more coherent and your body so if your hormones if hormones enter the body are made in the body suddenly or our “missing in the body you are experiencing this now without your previous emotional triggers which seem to magnify your hormonal imbalances. And this is true and students with menopause with men entering ages where they may be decreasing and testosterone and even in cases of severe premenstrual syndrome and our younger population of women. It was noted that cramping decreased and even having cases of increased irritability, resentment and deep depression or sadness was in some cases completely eliminated. But this wasn’t without incredible effort. After this training in my personal experience I was no longer held captive by my bio chemistry hormonally or emotionally because my perception had changed my trust in myself and changed and the overwhelming emotional freedom prevailed. This means that there’s a potential that after embarking on emotional sobriety training we can handle ourselves in a new more stable way because we have an underlying peace clarity and levelheadedness. We are standing on solid ground and adapt much more graciously to any changes including our hormones. Let’s see what you can do in Emotional sobriety training !!

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