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Below is your top Emotionally-Triggered Behavior (ETB), based on your answers. An ETB is simply a behavior that follows an early childhood experience of emotional overwhelm. This behavior has now become a part of your “personality” which you may believe you can’t control or change. The good news is… each and every one of our ETBs CAN BE CHANGED!

I’ve also shared an Awareness Practice to support you with your #1 ETB. Here’s an opportunity to get to know the you you’ve never met!

After you’ve viewed your results, I encourage you to take the 7-Day Get R.E.A.L. Challenge for advancing in your Emotional Makeover. See your results below and sign up for the challenge here:




7 Days to Get REAL!

REAL = Revealing Everything Accurately in Life

Become one of the REAL people who’s impeccably honest—with yourself and everyone around you. Be someone who stands out in the crowd because of your trustworthiness and your ability to be “the calm in the storm.” Become the safest person you know.

How? Watch the video and join the challenge…


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“My perspective has changed. I have a whole new level of maturity and calm. I feel more peaceful and I’m almost instantly aware when I am acting out on ETBs (Emotionally-Triggered Behaviors) and viewing life through my Trauma Filters. Instead of looking for solutions to my problems, I’m rising above my problems and looking for a solution to myself. I have started an ongoing conversation with myself about the person that I want to become.”
~EMSO Student
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"If you feel stuck in any area of your life, then I can't recommend this workshop enough. Dr Vitz said "Humility, vulnerability and action are how you get over your old patterns. Until you learn the lesson, you will keep continuing your old patterns". No matter how many books you read or times you try to change.. if you don't get down to the root cause of your patterns, thoughts and behaviors.. you will never escape them. And what better time then now to work on this as we all have a little more time!"
- EMSO Student
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"It changed me- almost immediately I began to feel belonging and connection to this work, to Dr. Vitz and to the other participants. It gave me a safe place to unveil my spirit and sort through my behaviors and trauma filters. In other programs I have modified my behavior. In this program I modified me at a molecular level. For the first time ever, I have gotten over myself."
- EMSO Student
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