Have you done tons of work on yourself? Or maybe you are brand new to personal growth work. Wherever you are, I want to meet you there. That’s what a coaching relationship is all about: you receiving the support you need at precisely the step you’re on in your path.

Coaching sessions with Dr. Andrea are 1 hour and give you an intimate experience of engaging and accelerating your Emotional Sobriety (EMSO) journey. This gives you the best opportunity for attaining peace, clarity, and levelheadedness in any circumstance you encounter in life and in all of your relationships.

1:1 Coaching

Receive personalized support with personal challenges and/or hand-held coaching through your EMSO coursework. Schedule 1 session or several depending on your need.


Small-Group Coaching

Support with personal challenges or coaching through EMSO coursework in a small group, either with your EMSO CO, family, friends, or people from your EMSO Training.


Relationship Coaching

Experiencing challenges with what we call “AAA”–addiction, anger, or affairs?

For any relationship you’re ready to shift now–familial, romantic, friend, or with coworkers, we offer relationship coaching in two forms:

  • You +1 with Dr. Vitz

  • You +1 with Dr. Vitz and Coach Ted O’Neill



DEEP Immersion*

Our immersion is for those who are truly ready to go “all in!” For 3 full months you’ll receive 2x/week private coaching, access to all 3 EMSO Essentials online courses, a copy of the book + journal, as well as text message access to work with your insobriety crises as they arise in the moment.



*NOTE: this is a prerequisite for becoming an EMSO Coach as well.

Sometimes I have moments of emotional insobriety and it feels uncomfortable and awkward because I don’t live there permanently anymore.  There are so many moments throughout the day when I am overcome with gratitude. You have changed my whole life and I’m so excited there is more work to do.

~Michelle, Emotional Sobriety Trainee