Are you ready for an emotional makeover?

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The You You’ve Never Met

How to Stop Experiencing Pain and Chaos in All of Your Relationships by Sobering Up, Emotionally-Speaking

Modern science suggests that we may be “addicted” to our emotions of anger, guilt, fear, impatience, and more. If this is true, we need what all addicts need…SOBRIETY! And are drug, alcohol, and other secondary dependencies simply masking an addiction to destructive emotions? Do you feel discontent, frustration in relationships, confusion regarding other’s behaviors, or that you are often unheard or misunderstood? You may have heard of emotional intelligence as the awareness of your feelings, and how to live with them. But if you have relied on emotional intelligence as a solution to your problems, you may have noticed it wasn’t a complete solution.

Author Dr. Andrea Vitz gives us a how-to, self-workbook, dedicated to push it’s reader further than ever before in self-investigation. Asking us to look within in a new and realistic way, exposing all the parts of us we may choose to change, and she shows us HOW! She teaches us to not only outsmart our negative emotions but how to overcome our predisposition to creating them for survival. This is a precise, organized, and engaging process, guiding us all toward becoming new. Requiring bravery to take this rare journey of emotional fitness.The You You’ve Never Met: How to Stop Experiencing Pain and Chaos in All of Your Relationships by Sobering Up, Emotionally-Speaking is an urgent and profound calling for today’s world.

“Dr. Vitz has a ‘one-two punch’ type of honesty with people. It hurts for a minute, but the life you get to live in return is beyond worth it.”

The You You’ve Never Met – Journal

Keep all of your work in one organized place with The You You’ve Never Met Companion Journal!

This stylish, 130 page journal has ALL of the Take Action exercises from the curriculum in The You You’ve Never Met book. There are prompts for each exercise, space to write and all bound for safe organization.

Also contains 10 copies of your Master Chart to keep all of your R.E.A.Life Investigation in one place. Start your studies and training in the most efficient way possible!